Why Brides Carry Bouquets During The Weddings?

What The Different Types of Flowers Used Signify?

Carrying a bouquet always adds a dash of elegance and class to your over all wedding look. But ever wondered what is the significance of carrying the same? Actually there is a small little piece of history attached to the tradition. As per ancient traditions the flowers signify new beginnings, fertility and fidelity. Also it was considered that carrying them would ward of the bad evil spirits. From the past till today different types of flowers have been used and each of them has a meaning attached to it.

White Roses: These are known to signify strength purity and true love. The mild romantic scent makes them perfect to be used in the bouquets and also in the centerpieces.

Stephanotis: These are tubular ear shapped white flowers that signify marital happiness. It is generally used during the victorian white weddings.

Lilies: These are one of the most loved flowers by the brides during the weddings. These are generally a reflection of Virgin Mary and her qualities like innocence, chastity, purity and virtue.

Calla Lilly: This is a graceful trumpet shaped flower originating from South Africa. These flowers symbolize the resurrection of Jesus.

Tulips: These are an ideal choice for the spring weddings. Available in a variety of colours these reflect passion, charity and enduring love. While the white ones symbolize purity.

Orchids: These are one of the exocitic varieties representing virility and fertility. Apart from this they are also known as a symbol of luxury and refinement. These are highly prefferd by the elite class during the nupitals.

Protea: This is an exotic variety of flower indigenous to Australia. The flower is known to symbolize boldness courage, transforming and multifaceted. Other than the bridal bouquets they also are an excellent choice for the centerpieces and backdrops.

No matter which combination you decide on you should know the reasoning behind it. Check out some inspirational photos and take it from there. A good tip that I got from Marko at the New Himalayan IT Group is that you should follow your own taste and don’t listen to much to what others say. In the end it’s your wedding and you should be happy with your choice!

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