Wedding Flower Bouquets – Learn About the Different Shapes, Sizes & Styles

Flower arrangement

If you are not a bride you will not understand the relevance of a flower bouquet. There are different types but all might appear same i.e flowers arranged and tied in a bow. But only a bride can understand the different types and styles of the bouquets. List of some of the popular styles of wedding bouquets are given below;

Cascade: The bouquet resembles a waterfall of flowers tapering towards the end. The types of flowers suitable for these kinds on bouquets include vines and orchids. Cascade bouquets are known to make a strong style statement and complement well if you are a tall bride with a simple dress.

Hand-Tied Bouquets: These are one of the simplest forms of bouquets wherein the flowers are tied using a fancy ribbon. Flowers like roses, peonies or chrysanthemum are perfectly suitable for these kinds of bouquets. These provide a classical touch and are perfect for summer weddings.

Posy: These are small bouquets and are a classic choice for the brides. The bouquet constitutes of only flowers tied together in a round shape with a fancy ribbon. These can also be held by the flower girls and the bridesmaids. Roses, hyacinths or tulips can make a perfect choice for these bouquets.

Over Arm: This is an elegant and simple choice for modern brides. Long stem flowers like orchids, roses, and Lillies make a perfect choice for these types of bouquets. The bouquet perfectly complements the figure fitting wedding dresses.

Composite: These are one of the most innovative styles of bouquets that a bride can carry. They are created by wiring together a series of petals, buds, and blooms in an arrangement resembling a single flower. These form extravagant choices for luxurious weddings.

The above are some of the top choices for wedding flower bouquets but apart from this, there are many options available that can be explored.

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