Unique Wedding Flower Arrangement Ideas

DIY roses

Weddings are always considered to be the events of a lifetime. Hence it is very important that everything should be in place and absolutely perfect. One of the important aspects of any wedding is the floral arrangement. Apart from the delicious food if anything else the guests remember is the flower arrangements. Therefore it is important that they are not only beautiful but unique and worth remembering. Below are some unique flower arrangement ideas that one can follow.

Floral Fountains: These exhibit a cascading design imitating an overflowing fountain. The arrangement can be placed in a little pool of water with floating candles in the surrounded. This gives an added look to the overall arrangement.

Flower Back Drop: The design has an arrangement of color-coordinated flowers and greenery from the ceiling to bottom. Ideally, the design can be placed behind the bride and the groom. The design gives a very chic and urban look to the environment.

Unlikely Pairing: The design idea is perfect for those who love to do it differently. Pairing a bunch of kale leaves with roses is an interesting combination that can be used. It will give a very unique and different look.

The Hanging Pomanders: This is another unique flower arrangements used during the wedding. Pomanders of varying sizes and colors are used to decorate bare trees for a chic and sophisticated look. Just ensure that they are secured tightly and do not fall over you.

Staircase Cake Display: One of the most beautiful flower arrangements that give the whole environment a royal look. The staircase at the venue can be decorated in a way that resembles a multi-tiered wedding cake.

Garland Draped Ceiling: The design involves covering the exposed areas particularly the beams of the ceilings with garlands. Aesthetically if we think this looks the best. For the decoration purpose, one can use greenery like ivy.

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