The Big Day


Everything has been set up perfectly for your big day and you just got the wedding flowers delivered. You expect the flowers to last longer at least until the ceremonies have been completed and all the guests left. Therefore there are certain tricks that can help increase the longevity of the flowers. Before doing anything it is important that you ensure to select the right flowers. The common tip here would be to select buds as they tend to last longer. Ensure that all the flowers are fresh and there is no sign of discoloration or growth of mold. Also, see to it the stems of the flowers are not fractured. Now when it comes to ensuring their longevity the primary factor of consideration is the vase and the water. Ensure that the flowers are kept in a sterilized vase. For doing so it can be wiped with a disinfectant and soapy water. Now add sterilized water into the vase along with the commercial floral preservative and food mixture.

After sterilizing the vase properly the next step is to add the flowers to it. Always ensure that the flowers have stems that are long enough. In case you want to cut them see to it that they are done at a 45 degrees angle. Doing so gives more exposure to the stem. Never use blunt blades to cut the stems as they may damage them. Put the flowers in the vase after cutting the steams. The last and the crucial stage is the storage. Never keep the vase with the flowers in the direct sunlight as this will be of no use. Doing so the flowers will be dried quickly. Always store them in a room where there is no direct sunlight. Also, the room must have an ambient temperature else it will ruin the flowers. These are the 3 popular methods that can be used to enhance the longevity of the wedding flowers. Next we are going to tell you where you can go to for all your online gambling needs. Lately we recommend you to discover casino bonuses at CasinoViking where all content is nicely curated. Engage in one of their brilliant reviews or claim any of their many bonuses. One way or another you will find a way to afford your big day.

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