About Fiona’s day

Apart from my family the other people that must thank are the team from Stephen Seedhouse. They did a splendid job in making the floral arrangements at my wedding. Everything was very professionally done but yet it had a dash of personal touch to it as well. All my requirements and demands about the type of flowers and the arrangements were perfectly met.

They had a team of experts who came down much in advance to the ceremony and did the arrangements. Everything from the center pieces to the wide array of choicest flowers was well laid. Thanks to the team, I was completely stress free and was able to enjoy my day completely. The team had a tremendous experience of working at the weddings hence did not require my intervention in any of their jobs. The arrangements and the styles they created were far beyond my imagination.

Researching and choosing a venue that offers a wide range of decor opportunities, choice of flowers, prices and activities to all to-be wedding couples is the befitting one. The extra time taken to zero in on such a venue goes a long way in saving the money of both the couple and of the guests. When there is something for everyone, the guests, family and friends are bound to have a ball at the wedding. Choice of a place adorned with picturesque locales really cut costs in the form of additional decor for floral arrangements, thus retaining the natural charm of the venue.

Everything looked seamlessly professional yet beautiful. What impressed me most about them was that everything from the raw material to the design and logistics was taken care by them. It was one of the best decisions taken to hire them. The team did a splendid job.